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Quality Care

When it comes to providing comfort to patients, no act of kindness is too small.

Renal Ventures employs a number of quality initiatives and measures to ensure patients receive the highest level of care.

The Renal Ventures Quality Program
Renal Ventures (RV) embraces the science and application of quality principles associated with the care of patients with kidney failure. The results are that Renal Ventures has the very highest outcomes measurements of any of the dialysis providers. This is a multi-layered, highly interactive, systemized, continuous quality improvement program.

The program begins with an understanding of those medical practices and the science behind them: established guidelines, best demonstrated practices, emerging patterns, networking with other providers, and clinical performance measures expected by payors and regulators. Software and various programs have been established to monitor compliance by each of the facilities with the expectations. Successes and shortcomings are communicated monthly to the facilities, staff and physicians. It is a robust and very effective program.

The Quality Program is overseen by the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) and the Director of Compliance and Regulatory Oversight (DCRO). There are monthly meetings to review all quality issues, these being attended by the CMO and Clinical Coordinators of each facility and any physicians who wish to participate. Renal Ventures uses standardized protocols and procedures throughout its facilities, assuring the best practices and outcomes. Also, this allows staff to move from facility to facility should the need arise. Dialysis equipment is the same throughout the company, thereby assuring safety and comfort.

Quality Care Programs

The Medical Director Council
The Medical Director Council is composed of physicians who generally are Medical Directors of dialysis facilities, the Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Chief Operating Officer (COO), and Director of Compliance and Regulatory Oversight (DCRO). New procedures, changes in quality monitoring, controversial issues and medically related topics are discussed and consensus gained, prior to implementation of major changes. This council meets annually in person, but by telephone as issues arise.

The Annual Medical Directors’ Symposium
Annually, the Medical Directors and other staff physicians come together for 4 days to discuss the most recent advances in science, technology and practices. The faculties are international experts. This meeting serves both as education for physicians but also formulates changes in practice patterns for our patients, to assure the best safety, comfort and clinical outcomes.

RV CARE is a program that recognizes the unique needs of patients who are just entering a dialysis program. Statistics show that these patients are the most vulnerable, having the highest hospitalization rates and the highest mortality. Studies have shown that intensive education, interaction and monitoring of these patients can favorably influence their outcomes. A Clinical Partner is in touch with them weekly if not daily, to assure their well-being during the first 120 days of dialysis treatment.

RV ACADEMY is a state-of-the-art education program for Renal Ventures employees. However, the education programs are designed to deliver resources and information to patients. The Director of Education oversees this program. It has regional educators in the areas where Renal Ventures has facilities. The Academy uses the most contemporary techniques for teaching including: online Learning Management Systems, specially built laboratories for hands-on education and computer stations, preceptorships and one-on-one teaching. The Academy stresses structured teaching and assessment for all new staff and then ongoing education through re-certification. Annually, staff have regional and national meetings and are encouraged to seek outside education through such entities as the National Kidney Foundation or the American Nephrology Nurses Association. The successes associated with the Academy are too numerous to count.

Though the majority of patients receive conventional in-center dialysis, Renal Ventures offers all therapies, including:

  • Renal transplantation
  • Peritoneal dialysis
  • Home therapies
  • Slow nocturnal in-center dialysis
  • Palliative care

RV OPTIONS attempts to gain the attention of patients as soon as possible, even before initiating renal replacement therapy, to educate them and their families about their choices of therapy. This is accomplished by trained educators without bias towards certain therapies. The goal is to match the patient with the best possible therapy for them and their families. The integration of all of these programs has gained Renal Ventures the reputation of having the very highest quality program in the U.S. The outcomes, staff and patient satisfaction surveys, and facilities speak to this ongoing continuously improving program. There is no standing still in quality. There should be no contentment in a quality program. We believe in ever-improving.